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As the domain name implies this website features antique furniture manufactured by the Berkey & Gay Furniture Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Email From Christian Berkey
I received the following email of interest concerning the 1920's era Berkey & Gay bedroom furniture pictured below. Which I sold at a January 2003 antique auction located in Metro Atlanta.

Dear Sir,
My name is Christian Berkey and I am Julius Berkey's great great grandson. I just wanted to drop you a note to compliment you on the Berkey & Gay pieces you have - they are exquisite!

Kind Regards,
Christian Berkey

Some time after receiving the above email from Christian Berkey. I searched for his antiques related website and found that the domain had expired. Having sold quite few pieces of Berkey & Gay furniture over the years. I decided to purchase to hightlight the Berkey & Gay furniture which I bought in the Northern United States and hauled to Metro Atlanta to sell at auction. Today I am in the process of adding additional content incuding photos and soon product info from vintage Berkey & Gay Furniture Company magazine ads. Also as time allows I plan to add Berkey & Gay furniture for sale classified ads. Please check back!

Michigan Trip
My Grandfather homesteaded in Michigan during the 1890's and worked as a cook for a logging company while there. I have always wanted to visit the site of his homestead which was located near Hope, Michigan. I had planned to go several years ago and thought I would stop by the location of the Berkey & Gay Furniture factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan. However things didn't work out so that I could make the trip. If possible I hope to make the trip this summer! I think it would be interesting to combine the two and hopefully get some pictures for this website.

Berkey & Gay Furniture Company Bedroom Suite

Thumbnail of Berkey Gay Bed
Berkey Gay Bed
Thumbnail of Berkey Gay Chest
Berkey Gay Chest
Thumbnail of Berkey Gay Chest Interior
Berkey Gay Chest Interior
Thumbnail of Berkey Gay Dresser
Berkey Gay Dresser
Thumbnail of Berkey Gay Mirror
Berkey Gay Mirror
Thumbnail of Berkey Gay Vanity
Berkey Gay Vanity

The Berkey & Gay chest, dresser & vanity all have spring loaded secret drawers. Do the photos above represent the best quality 1920's era Berkey & Gay bedroom furniture that the Berkey & Gay Furniture Company manufactured? This is by far the best 1920's Berkey & Gay bedroom suite I have seen in almost 40 years of buying and selling antique furniture! If you know of a better 1920's era Berkey and Gay bedroom suite please email me pictures. I will gladly post them on this website giving you full credit with a link to your website if desired!